STEM Lessons and Curriculum

Engineering is designing solutions to problems.

Graphic Design

Often times engineers need to showcase and share their ideas. Graphic design is a great way to make your ideas pop. Here are some ways to be introduced to graphic design. is a free web-based Photoshop.

Audio Engineering and Editing

Sound editing and audio engineering are everywhere. It is in our favorite movies, shows, apps, and games. Here is a free professional sound editing program you can use. It has to be installed on a PC or a Mac. If you’re looking for a web-based program for students to be able to access with all devices, then look into also allows for collaboration. There is a cost once the 30 day trial expires.


Download Audacity here:

For the below lesson, I recorded a fake secret message, then scrambled it and share with the students.


Here is a link to get you started on

Here is a link to help students create a loop beat on

Here’s a link teaching students how to create their own ringtone for their phone using

Video Editing

Video editing can be a very important way to showcase your work and ideas. Here is a free web-based video editor that can be used across different devices. There are even collaborative features to allow for teams to work on the same files. Check out

How to make the teacher look like they are flipping and landing a water bottle.

Video 1

Video 2

Slow Motion

Green Screen

Special Effects

Engineering is everywhere!

Engineering and STEM is literally everywhere. It’s in our phones, it’s our phones, the table you use and the car that gets you from place to place. It’s the apps we use and the fans that cool us down. The pen and pencil? Yes, that’s STEM as well

Design and Architecture

Introduction to architecture for schools. You and your students can sign in with Google or Microsoft.

Intro to Sketchup and Design a pool

Design a house next to the pool

3D Printing

Get started with

Design your own.

After you create 3D projects, you save them as an STL files and then move them to a slicer like

Other Great Tools: allows students to create mock mobile device apps.

Coding and Virtual Reality. You can purchase licenses and students can create virtual content and code it. They then can wear an Oculus 2 VR headset and be immersed in their project.

—MIT App inventor allows students to create actual apps that can be installed on their mobile devices. How cool is that?

Great intro to coding simplified. and

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